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Dollar Bill in Jar

The Madison Community Foundation offers an excellent opportunity for anyone of ample or modest means to make a lasting tax-deductible contribution to the Madison community. 

You may make an outright gift using case, or make a multi-year pledge commitment.  You may also give using your credit or debit card on line. 

Donate your required minimum distribution from your IRA and qualify for a TAX FREE charitable contribution

You can donate to our general endowment fund or direct your donation to the Madison Arts Project Fund or the Grand Theater Project Fund. 

Click on the fund below to go directly to that donation page


The Madison Community Foundation also accepts gifts other than cash, including: 

Gifts of stocks, bonds and securities

Gifts of real estate

Gifts of commodities

Bequests by Will 

If you are interested in giving of this kind, please contact an Advisory Board Member. 

Memorial Candle

Consider giving a gift in Honor or Memorial 

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